About the show:


The Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast is an effort by the two of us, Andrew Youngblood and Lennon Noland, to make a contribution to the lives of those who serve, love and lead college students for Jesus.
While we both serve as campus missionaries within Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, this podcast is not formally affiliated with Chi Alpha and the thoughts, views, and opinions expressed in this podcast are our own and those of our guests.
We hope this podcast can be an encouragement and blessing to anyone who ministers on what we believe to be the most strategic mission field in the world: The University Campus.


The hosts:


Lennon Noland

I am a District Director for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship in the North Texas area. We serve staff on 15 current campuses with dreams of seeing healthy teams doing ministry on many more. Over the years my bride, Christal, and I have pioneered and led campus ministries at Angelo State University in Texas and Duke University in North Carolina. I spend a good amount of time traveling and speaking on different campuses and in conference settings.
My years of pastoral and itinerant ministry have given me a great appreciation for the drastically different campus cultures represented across country. I have also come to increasingly love and revere the men and women who lay down their lives for Jesus on behalf of students.
My wife and I have had years in campus ministry where nothing could go wrong. We have also had years in campus ministry where nothing could go right. My hope is that this podcast can be a resource and encouragement in whatever ministry season you, the listener, find yourself.

Andrew Youngblood

I am the director for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. Go Frogs!

My wife, Alicia, and I have had the honor to spend the last few years pioneering Chi Alpha at TCU. We have greatly enjoyed the adventure. Our own lives were dramatically changed by God through campus ministry and we have a passion to see Him do the same for other students with His gospel. 

I have had a numerous mentors pour into me over the years; some I know personally but others I have only read or listened to through books, blogs, and podcasts. Those mentors have helped me navigate challenging seasons and difficult decisions. They have helped me grow, encouraged me, and challenged my thinking.

My prayer is that this podcast, through our own voices and those of the men and women we interview, does some of the same for others giving their lives in service on the university campus.