EP 037: Marching Off the Map - Part II with Andrew McPeak


Andrew married his wife Anna and graduated from Bryan College in 2011. Working with non-profits for more than 5 years, Andrew’s experiences have led him to become well versed in communicating to and about the next generations. He has developed multiple conference presentations, curricula, and articles to serve a variety of organizations. Andrew serves as Program Excellence Manager as well as a writer and content developer for Growing Leaders.

EP 036: Marching Off the Map - Part I with Andrew McPeak


Andrew married his wife Anna and graduated from Bryan College in 2011. Working with non-profits for more than 5 years, Andrew’s experiences have led him to become well versed in communicating to and about the next generations. He has developed multiple conference presentations, curricula, and articles to serve a variety of organizations. Andrew serves as Program Excellence Manager as well as a writer and content developer for Growing Leaders.

EP 035: Benefits of a Good Fall Retreat

Resource of the Week:

Out of Solitude - Henri Nouwen

Episode Takeaways:

  1. A good retreat can have a microwave effect on new relationships.
    • Love and laughter plow hard hearts
  2. A good retreat can provide an introduction to the broader fellowship and it’s KINGDOM convictions. 
  3. A good retreat can have a reinvigorating effect on your staff and student leaders.
  4.  A good retreat will create altar moments of spiritual transformation. 
    • A Change of PACE + A Change of PLACE = God making  a change in you


EP 034: 10 Commandments of a Good Large Group - Part I

Episode Takeaways:

1. Thou Shalt love thy visitors.

  • People decide in the first few minutes of walking in the door whether or not they will come back.
  • Employ your extroverts
  • Consider empowering and designating small groups to be in charge of greeting on a given night. 

2. Thou Shalt Set-Up New Songs

  • Why is the song worth singing? What does it mean? What scriptural truth does it convey?

3. Thou Shalt Be Joyful

  • Developing a culture of joy and celebration is an intentional effort. 

4. Thou Shalt Not Meet In Too Large Of A Space

  • Meeting in a space that is not the right size can have significant effects on the atmosphere and tone of your meeting. 

5. Thou Shalt Not Make Awkward comments about stalking or money.

  • Consider what the visitor or unbeliever hears when you're talking about follow up and worship through giving.
  • Don't make an act of worship sound like an act of confiscation. 

EP 033: A New Fall Semester In Light Of Charlottesville

Resource of the Week:

 Pink Elephant Sermon on Race at UVA Chi Alpha - 


Episode Takeaways:

3 Student Needs

  1. To be welcomed.
  2. To have a clear sense of belonging.
  3. To have confidence that the leadership of the ministry would stand with them.

3 Pastoral Responsibilities

  1. Speak of the issue.
  2. Show gospel as relevant and proclaim Jesus as Lord.
  3. Lead student in prayer and have students pray together.

EP 032: Fired Up for Fall: A Leadership Pep Talk


Episode Takeaways:

  1. Restate the mission and cast the vision again.

  2. Student leader testimonies. 

    Why are you here? Where did you connect? RE-TELL those stories.

  3. Remind them of your methods

  4. Stress the NEED and WORTHINESS of sacrifice.

  5. Share the calendar, delegate responsibility. 

  6. Cover the semester in prayer


EP 031: 11 Fun Ways to Meet New Students


Resource of the Week:



Download Wheel of Dorm Misfortune Files Below:


Episode Takeaways:

1. Help Students Feel At Home By Giving Them a Taste Of Home

2. Burn, Baby Burn: Start a fire and cook stuff

3. The Wheel Of Dorm Misfortune

4. Grill and Chill
Set up in a high traffic area and have a huge blowout event

5. Pick-up sports at the Freshmen Dorms

6. Guerilla Warfare Partying
Meet students at all kinds of events, get numbers and invite them to whatever you/the ministry are doing next. Have your students throw smaller parties all over the campus where they invite the contacts they are having. 

7. Glow In The Dark Ultimate Frisbee
- Regular things are somehow more fun in the dark

8. Pop-Corn Pop-In
For the residence halls that have your students living in them,  buddy up accordingly and hand out microwave popcorn with an information card attached.

 9. Late Night Cereal Bar
- Set up a cereal bar in a freshman/sophomore area of campus

10. Something for the Church Kids
 - "Once-a-year on-campus Sunday morning worship service. It mostly appeals to churched students who are shellshocked by orientation week. From there on out, tell them we do midweek on-campus worship services an have carpools to nearby churches they are welcome to participate in. At the end of every year year I can go back and find photos of almost all of our new life group leaders at this event." - Glen Davis, Stanford Chi Alpha
- One benefit you may see is increased diversity. At least at Stanford students from non-white and non-Asian backgrounds often don't have a mental category for campus ministries. But they understand church. It's been a neat bridge for us.

11. Springboard Off Of University Events



EP 029: Meetings Leaders Actually WANT to Attend



Acclaimed by Ministries Today as "America’s Number One Youth Pastor," Jeanne Mayo has thrown her heart and passion into youth and young adult ministry for over four decades. Her ministry DNA is reflected in her life mission statement: "The motivation and mentorship of Kamikaze Christianity into practicing and potential Kingdom champions." Through the years Jeanne has been used of the Lord to take challenging youth ministries to exciting spiritual and numerical health. Jeanne’s successful ministry has placed her in high demand as a youth and young adult communicator as well as a leadership coach and public speaker. She has criss-crossed the U.S. and the globe, speaking in countless venues to teenagers, college students, young adults, as well as to their leaders.

In recent years, Jeanne founded Youth Leader’s Coach, a non-profit organization that seeks "to instruct, equip, inspire and encourage the youth pastors and youth leaders of this generation." Through this venue, she has begun a coaching/mentoring avenue called "The Cadre." Over 1,000 of the nation’s premiere youth and young adult leaders and ministries have now experienced this intensive year of personal mentoring from Jeanne.

Besides her international ministry, Jeanne is privileged to pour her life into the local church. She serves currently as “Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries” at Victory World Church, a thriving body of believers with over 15,000 people in attendance each weekend located in Norcross, Georgia, right outside Atlanta. She also serves as the Executive Director of Atlanta Leadership College, based in the Atlanta area as well.

Among her honors, Jeanne was awarded the Lifetime Influence Award from the National Assemblies of God, the world’s largest denomination with over 66 million members and adherents. She has also been featured twice as the “cover story" of Ministries Today magazine. In their most recent feature article on her, Jeanne was once again heralded as the nation’s premiere voice in the training and raising up of youth leaders across our nation and around the world at large.


EP 028: Women, Leadership, & Campus Ministry


Resource of the Week:

Anonymous - Alicia Chole


Crystal Martin is the Cross-Cultural Missions Director, leading Chi Alpha’s organizational strategy in the forming of students and staff as life-long missional witnesses by engaging them to cross boundaries of culture, geography, language, nationality, ethnicity, and race.

Crystal served a three-year term on the Assemblies of God National Task Force forWomen in Ministry and is a member of the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) Commission on Student Ministries Crystal and her husband Scott are the architects and directors of The World Missions Summit, a partnership between Chi Alpha and AGWM. Crystal and her family pioneered Chi Alpha in the Central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.  She speaks to all generations calling them to love Jesus and let his love touch the nations. She is married to E. Scott Martin and has two teenage boys, Mercer and Marcus. They live on a small ranch in Willard, Missouri.


Episode 025: 5 Benefits of an Advisory Board

Episode Takeaways:

  • Benefit One: Perspective
  • Benefit Two: Accountability
  • Benefit Three: Encouragement and Challenge
  • Benefit Four: Access to Resources and Relationships
  • Benefit Five: Prayer and support for you

Thoughts on choosing a board:

  1. Pick people who are already supportive of you and your ministry.
  2. Pursue a diversity of perspectives.
  3. Choose people that you already like and respect. 

Episode 024: Issues in Counseling Students with Peter Piñon

Episode Takeaways:

  • FOMO is a real challenge for our students and social media is impacting the mental health of our students. 
  • "Compare and despair"
    • Statistics help us shed light on the realities behind social media.  
    • We lead the way with our social media pages. 
    • We can create systems to be vulnerable and authentic with our students. 
      • Group texts, private messages, etc.
  • “Overwhelmed" is generally a overarching term that describes a mix of emotions.
  • Digging deeper to discover what emotions are at play can be very helpful in helping them navigate challenges. 
  • Consider inviting a counselor as a “three stranded” approach. Pastoral, peer, and professional support. 
  • Get to know the folks in your counseling center. 
  • Assessment is different than treatment. Treatment likely requires a complementary theological perspective, but professionals can  
  • Create your own ministry policy regarding harm and abuse before it happens.
  • Harm and abuse are mandatory reporting situations in most contexts where we are considered liable. 
  • In times of grief, we need to walk with them, not try to fix them. 
  • Be willing to "weep with those who weep” and tackle the theological questions in due time. 
  • Ask a student “what have you already tried?” before you tell them what to do. 
  • Never underestimate the power of your role in your students’ lives. 

Episode 023: Being a Great Staff Member with Josh Moran

Other Resources Mentioned:

Episode Takeaways:

  • Our roles will evolve and our capacity will increase in faithfulness.
  • Let your personality shine through - don't buy into the "imitation culture".
    • Your greatest contribution is walking in your specific gifts and abilities. 
  • Ignore the idea that "the only way to be successful is to be a #1 leader".
  • Senior leaders need to walk in enough humility to empower and release our staff. 
  • "Choose trust over suspicion" and assume the best of everyone on your team. 
    • "Raving fans publicly and honest critics privately"
    • We're team together AND team apart
  • Qualities of great staff members
    • They "do whatever it takes".
    • They have productive paranoia and are working to change small things and learning to be more efficient and effective. 
    • They are owners instead of renters. 
  • Don't simply do what you've always done, but go to the next level and grow your effectiveness. 
  • Our identity is hidden in Christ, not in what others think of us. 

Episode 022: Expanding the Leadership Pack


Episode Takeaways:

  • What do you do when it seems your leaders are doing all they can do?

    • Answer: You have to expand the leadership pack.

  • Where do you find more leaders?

    • What do you see in the students YOU HAVE?

    • When students embrace RESPONSIBILITY, it will breathe

      life into our ministries and forever change their walk with God.

    • They were chosen, they didn’t SIMPLY VOLUNTEER.

  • Everything about you, from your social circle to your ethnicity to your personality can be used by God to bring Him Glory.

  • You're not just good at something. You're gifted for something.

  • Be thankful for who is there, but don’t lose your heart toward those who aren’t.

Episode 021: 4 More Little Ways to Preach a Lot Better

Episode Takeaways:

  1. Speak with reverence for the scriptures.
    • We want students to desire to get into the scriptures for themselves.
  2. ILLUSTRATE. Become a better storyteller/metaphor user.
    • Illustrations give the listener an anchor to remember the point we are conveying. 
  3. Ask for feedback from other preachers.
  4. Know what to leave out.
    • "One of the greatest mistakes preachers make is to leave them wanting less." Curt Harlow

Episode 020: Fundraising Freedom with Mary Valloni

Episode Takeaways:

  • Successful fundraisers have a plan and they execute it.
  • Most supporters don't care about your lifestyle, they care about your vision.
    • Don't tell them about things that they don't care about. 
  • When sharing your vision, many times it's not about what you say, but how you say it.
  • Be yourself, not who you think the potential donor wants you to be.  
  • Share your stories from beginning to end - walk people through the journey.
  • Go beyond the newsletter - the key to fundraising is relationship.
    • Do you care about them even if they're not giving?
  • You need a team. You can't go at this alone. 
    • Find someone who is completely on board and let them help you share the vision and speak on your behalf. 
    • This helps you do this for the long-haul. 
  • Desperation repels people. Be wise and confident in how you share your vision and need. 

Episode 018: Making The Most Of Your Summer

Episode Takeaways:

  1. Reflect before you rest.
  2. Tailor your approach to summer ministry for who IS available.
  3. Make extra opportunities for student-led ministry.
  4. Connect with incoming freshmen in whatever ways you can.
  5. Prepare now for things that will feel urgent later.
  6. Take time to work on the minister instead of on the ministry.
  7. Rest well in ways that are uniquely refreshing for you and (if you have one) your family.