EP 064: 10 Commandments Of A Great Small Group - Part 2

Episode Takeaways:

6. Thou Shalt Handle The Scriptures And Read Them With Reverence

7. Thou Shalt Not Make An Idol Of Thy Lesson

8. Thou Shalt Ask Good Questions

9. Thou Shalt Model Vulnerability And Encourage Confidentiality

10. Thou Shalt Not Give Major Time To Minor Matters

BONUS COMMANDMENT: Thou Shalt Give Additional Responsibility to Potential Leaders

EP 063: 10 Commandments Of A Great Small Group - Part 1

Episode Takeaways:

1. Thou Shalt Not Wing It On Your Members

2. Thou Shalt Not Neglect The Atmosphere

TV off, music on.
Phone away. 
Keep it clean.
Make it refreshing—Something to eat and something to drink.
Serve your group when possible.
An Atmosphere of honor: Everyone who enters the room is a big deal.

3. Thou Shalt Allow Others To Own The Night

4. Thou Shalt Not Allow Any One Person To Dominate Conversation

5. Thou Shalt Not Underestimate The Importance of Prayer

BONUS COMMANDMENT: Thou Shalt Leave Room For The Non-Believer.

EP 057: Romantic Insanity On Campus

Resource of the Week:

Hinge Podcast

Romantic Insanity: Approaching relationships the same way over and over again and expecting different results.

PHASE 1: OMG - Physical attraction is the sole criteria for beginning a relationship.

PHASE 2: We’re SO the same person! - The physical give a blinding sense of connection and emotional security.

PHASE 3: Meet the parents. (or good friends,etc) - This is that part of the relationship where the people you love and respect are getting to know the person who has your affections.

PHASE 4: Are you The One? - After all of this, we seriously start thinking long-term.

PHASE 5: The God help us Stage. - Now we try to force God’s blessing or blame Him for the break-up.

EP 055: Building a Worship Team from Scratch

1. Prayer

  • You don’t get what you don’t pray for

2. Philosophical Considerations

  • “Inside hires” or “Hired Guns”
  •  Is this a…
    • Ministry position
    • A step in the leadership pipeline
    • Something anyone can do


3. Manage your expectations

  • Worship has its ebbs and flows of musical difficulty
  • We’re in a season of increased musical proficiency 

4.  Developing/building is still discipleship

  • You have to let them be (reasonably bad) for them to ever be “good”
  • If you don’t have skills, don’t be afraid to call in help 

5. Teach them how to lead worship, not just play songs or perform

  • Theology of the songs you’re singing
  • Sing-ability
  • Pray as a team - grow spiritually as a team

EP 037: Marching Off the Map - Part II with Andrew McPeak


Andrew married his wife Anna and graduated from Bryan College in 2011. Working with non-profits for more than 5 years, Andrew’s experiences have led him to become well versed in communicating to and about the next generations. He has developed multiple conference presentations, curricula, and articles to serve a variety of organizations. Andrew serves as Program Excellence Manager as well as a writer and content developer for Growing Leaders.