Episode 007: 5 Little Ways To Preach A Lot Better

Episode Takeaways:

  1. Be Yourself Plus 15%
    • You can be conversational in style, without the tone and energy of a conversation
  2. Smile When You Talk
    • This is not a personality style, this is a skill
    • Ask a student that you trust, "how do I look when I talk?"
  3. Mine For Gold, Don't Just Look For It
    • It doesn't matter what God has said to other preachers if He hasn't said it to you for your ministry
    • If you credit those you are quoting, it makes you look researched not ignorant
    • If you're busy, invite others into your pulpit or have students share testimonies
  4. Don't Fall Victim to the Curse of Knowledge
    • Don't assume your listeners know what you're talking about from scripture
    • Ask yourself the questions you would ask yourself when you were young in faith
  5. Always Leave Them Loving Jesus