Episode 012: Apologetics & Campus Ministry with Shawn Hart

Shawn Hart is the Assistant Director of the Zacharias Institute and a member of the US speaking team. He's worked in a variety of missions and ministry endeavors, including Young Life, African Inland Mission, and Ratio Christi. 

Shawn has a Certificate in Theological Studies from Oxford University and a degree in Ministry and Leadership from Western Seminary. He currently lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, with his wife and their three young children.

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Episode Takeaways:

  • Often times people are rejecting Christianity based on an innacurate view of what Christians actually believe.
  • One of the biggest challenges for many believers going into university is that they haven't been able to wrestle with their doubts. 
  • We need to help our students to understand what scripture says about persecution, so they are prepared when they face the challenges of the often hostile university environment.
  • Challenges specific to Christian students
    • Unprepared to face persecution
    • Lordship of Christ and the separation of secular and sacred
  • Current challenges facing believers and unbelievers alike
    • Identity - sexuality, race, etc
    • Evil and suffering
    •  Who or what is God?
  • Missions Weeks
    • Overview
      • Week-long gospel proclamation with a minimum of 15 talks.
      • Engaging people on difficult questions. 
      • Meeting with individuals to address their specific questions.
      • Connecting students with a discipleship community.
    • Next steps to having a Missions Week
      • Assess the practicality of doing a Missions Week based on the unique aspects of your campus.
      • Asses campus ministry unity and church partnerships.
  • Evangelism and discipleship is often a longer process than we'd imagine, but worth the investment. 
  • Unity between campus ministries can itself be a powerful apologetic. 
  • We need to be plugging students into the local church. We want them to make it a priority in their lives after they graduate.