Episode 023: Being a Great Staff Member with Josh Moran

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Episode Takeaways:

  • Our roles will evolve and our capacity will increase in faithfulness.
  • Let your personality shine through - don't buy into the "imitation culture".
    • Your greatest contribution is walking in your specific gifts and abilities. 
  • Ignore the idea that "the only way to be successful is to be a #1 leader".
  • Senior leaders need to walk in enough humility to empower and release our staff. 
  • "Choose trust over suspicion" and assume the best of everyone on your team. 
    • "Raving fans publicly and honest critics privately"
    • We're team together AND team apart
  • Qualities of great staff members
    • They "do whatever it takes".
    • They have productive paranoia and are working to change small things and learning to be more efficient and effective. 
    • They are owners instead of renters. 
  • Don't simply do what you've always done, but go to the next level and grow your effectiveness. 
  • Our identity is hidden in Christ, not in what others think of us.