EP 055: Building a Worship Team from Scratch

1. Prayer

  • You don’t get what you don’t pray for

2. Philosophical Considerations

  • “Inside hires” or “Hired Guns”
  •  Is this a…
    • Ministry position
    • A step in the leadership pipeline
    • Something anyone can do


3. Manage your expectations

  • Worship has its ebbs and flows of musical difficulty
  • We’re in a season of increased musical proficiency 

4.  Developing/building is still discipleship

  • You have to let them be (reasonably bad) for them to ever be “good”
  • If you don’t have skills, don’t be afraid to call in help 

5. Teach them how to lead worship, not just play songs or perform

  • Theology of the songs you’re singing
  • Sing-ability
  • Pray as a team - grow spiritually as a team