EP 031: 11 Fun Ways to Meet New Students


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Episode Takeaways:

1. Help Students Feel At Home By Giving Them a Taste Of Home

2. Burn, Baby Burn: Start a fire and cook stuff

3. The Wheel Of Dorm Misfortune

4. Grill and Chill
Set up in a high traffic area and have a huge blowout event

5. Pick-up sports at the Freshmen Dorms

6. Guerilla Warfare Partying
Meet students at all kinds of events, get numbers and invite them to whatever you/the ministry are doing next. Have your students throw smaller parties all over the campus where they invite the contacts they are having. 

7. Glow In The Dark Ultimate Frisbee
- Regular things are somehow more fun in the dark

8. Pop-Corn Pop-In
For the residence halls that have your students living in them,  buddy up accordingly and hand out microwave popcorn with an information card attached.

 9. Late Night Cereal Bar
- Set up a cereal bar in a freshman/sophomore area of campus

10. Something for the Church Kids
 - "Once-a-year on-campus Sunday morning worship service. It mostly appeals to churched students who are shellshocked by orientation week. From there on out, tell them we do midweek on-campus worship services an have carpools to nearby churches they are welcome to participate in. At the end of every year year I can go back and find photos of almost all of our new life group leaders at this event." - Glen Davis, Stanford Chi Alpha
- One benefit you may see is increased diversity. At least at Stanford students from non-white and non-Asian backgrounds often don't have a mental category for campus ministries. But they understand church. It's been a neat bridge for us.

11. Springboard Off Of University Events