EP 034: 10 Commandments of a Good Large Group - Part I

Episode Takeaways:

1. Thou Shalt love thy visitors.

  • People decide in the first few minutes of walking in the door whether or not they will come back.
  • Employ your extroverts
  • Consider empowering and designating small groups to be in charge of greeting on a given night. 

2. Thou Shalt Set-Up New Songs

  • Why is the song worth singing? What does it mean? What scriptural truth does it convey?

3. Thou Shalt Be Joyful

  • Developing a culture of joy and celebration is an intentional effort. 

4. Thou Shalt Not Meet In Too Large Of A Space

  • Meeting in a space that is not the right size can have significant effects on the atmosphere and tone of your meeting. 

5. Thou Shalt Not Make Awkward comments about stalking or money.

  • Consider what the visitor or unbeliever hears when you're talking about follow up and worship through giving.
  • Don't make an act of worship sound like an act of confiscation.