Episode 003: Surviving the Pace of Campus Ministry

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Episode Takeaways:

  1. Be realistic about harvest seasons: sometimes balance is impossible.
  2. Have pre-game pep-talks for busy times.
  3. Reward yourself, your staff, and your family at the end of intense periods of ministry.
  4. Invest time in a hobby that pays off regularly.
  5. Minimize chaos by planning well for what you know is coming.
  6. Schedule your Sabbath
  7. Be strategic about long breaks.
  8. "Waste" extravagant time with Jesus.

Episode 002: Being a Student of Your Campus

We want our students to be diligent learners and to honor God by being great students, Today we explore what it looks like for ministers to be a student of their campus, and how we can benefit from being a student of our university. 

Episode Takeaways:

  1. Know your demographics. 
  2. Spend time on campus. 
  3. Read your campus newspaper. 
  4. Enroll in or audit a course. 
  5. Spend time in different areas of the campus. 
  6. Form relationships with non-students in the community. 

Episode 001: Unique Opportunities of the Spring Semester

We all know the strategic nature of the fall. There are opportunities presented to connect with new students that simply are not there at other parts of the year…particularly outreach to freshmen. But many times we undervalue the unique opportunities we have in the spring. We'll dive into a few of those in this episode.

Episode Takeaways:

  1. Spring Break Missions Trips
    • Many times these trips do more for us than it does for the missionaries we visit
    • Many missionaries will desire to pour into you and your team
    • Depth of relationship that's formed on these trips is unparalleled
    • Students will do ministry in a way that they may not do on your campus, and that can stretch and grow their faith
    • Recruitment for trips benefits from multi-year commitments
  2. Deepening of relationships with returning students
    • Opportunities for deeper discipleship often present themselves during the spring
    • Give students the chance to re-engage with their faith, and your community, after a potentially difficult winter break
  3. Reaching new students
    • Don't underestimate the opportunity to connect with new students in this season
    • Students looking for a "Fresh Start" - may be able to capitalize on this mentality
  4. Training of new leaders
    • This is a key time to impart vision to invested students
    • Gives you the opportunity to give a student a peek behind the curtain and invite them into the inner circle
    • "The Passionate Few" principle (F.W. Boreham Essay Link)
  5. Opportunities to update supporting friends and churches
    • The fall life-change is still fresh and exciting for many students.
    • You have a chance to ask students to record videos and write testimony stories to share with your support team.
  6. Celebrating with leaders
    • Celebrating big in this season helps maintain momentum and passion when the spring feels long.